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Learn More About Collaborative Divorce

It’s always good to have options in life, and divorce is no different. For a long time, litigation was the only way to get a divorce in the United States. But now, an array of alternative options are available, including collaborative divorce.

Attorney Sunny M. Simon is trained and experienced in collaborative divorce. Keep reading to learn more about the process, then call us to discuss whether this litigation alternative may be right for you.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

The process begins with a commitment: The two parties agree to negotiate until they reach a mutually beneficial outcome. They commit to being fair to each other without court intervention, and they sign a contract to resolve all issues outside of the courtroom.

With that commitment in place, the rest of the work begins. In essence, collaborative divorce is a series of negotiations between the two parties, their respective attorneys and any other agreed-upon experts. These could include financial professionals, tax professionals, appraisers, psychologists and counselors, just to name a few.

The Benefits Are Numerous

One of the biggest benefits to collaborative divorce is control over the outcome. Every decision made through negotiation is one that isn’t left to a judge. The process isn’t always pleasant or easy, but it does usually feel better to be in control of disputed issues.

Collaborative divorce also tends to be faster and less acrimonious than traditional divorce, and it prevents the children from having to witness or be part of the court process. In short, this method of divorce often preserves the respect and dignity of the whole family unit.

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